Rodger Woods
for Judge

Constitutional Conservative. Army Veteran.

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Freedom, Justice, and the Rule of Law

I’ve spent my life standing up for what I believe is important. In the Army, the courtroom and the Statehouse, I have worked hard to get results.

As a District Court Judge, I will uphold the independence and impartiality of our judicial system as described and limited by our Constitution, and keep our community and families safe.

People go to Court to get resolution of an issue, be it a criminal charge, civil dispute or domestic issue. I’m committed to ensuring that all parties are treated with fairness and respect, that the Courtroom is run efficiently, and that citizens get a decision and resolution in a timely manner.

I'll never forget that every case I will hear will be the most important case to the people involved.

I’m no stranger to making decisions that can dramatically impact people’s lives. I will work hard each and every day to ensure I’ve reviewed the facts, the law and considered the legal arguments in order to make sound decisions.

Thanks for visiting and for your interest in the Division 7 judicial race.

I would appreciate your vote on August 7th.

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